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Globalization has radically changed our world and has enabled medical care to be accessed by anyone, no matter where you live. But only Skinologica offers its visitors superior medical care beyond excellence. One of the most important metrics in your search for a plastic surgeon is their board certification. US doctors boards certified in general surgery are required to have a minimum of fourteen years experience. However, for doctors who are “Double-Board Certified” an additional two years (for a total of sixteen years) of education are required.

Our expertise is in arranging medical tourism packages for people interested in plastic or cosmetic surgery from around the world and we are dedicated to providing full and accurate information on the best plastic surgeons, travel/accommodations assistance, and the latest trends within the plastic surgery and cosmetic industry. Additionally, we have a vast network of best doctors which we can utilize for patients interested in combining surgeries. In recent years, a new trend evolved in combining surgical procedures, allowing for shorter OR time, less anesthesia, and a shorter recovery for an overall safer experience.

Can’t travel to our selected destination? Our “Fly out to you” program, completely unique to Skinologica practice, can arrange for medical staff to travel to you and bring our reputation and expertise to your local hospital. Through our program, Skinologica has arranged medical trips to the Middle East – bringing surgical team to the patient’s home country to perform advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

Los Angeles: Beyond Excellence

For patients interested in traveling for a higher level of care, cosmetic or plastic surgery in Los Angeles is the destination of choice for their medical travel. With some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, Los Angeles offers medical tourism visitors from around the country and around the globe access to some of the world’s top hospitals allowing for peace of mind along with world-class entertainment and post surgical accommodations in five star hotels.

Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeons offer a superior level of care and medical knowledge that is unparalleled by any other city in the world. The American Board of Plastic Surgery requires years of medical training to obtain board certification. And in the case of our doctors, many of whom are double board certified in both General Surgery & Plastic Surgery, and even one quadruple board certified – medical training and education exceeds sixteen years. Additionally, Los Angeles boasts some of the most reputable medical facilities.

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