Skinologica Men’s Corporate Service

Making the right impression in the corporate world can make the difference between success and failure. First impressions do count especially when it comes to business, so:

  • Gain the advantage in the corporate stakes and make sure you create the right image when you meet with clients or step into an interview.
  • Invest in a corporate image consultant and book now for a personal shopping appointment with Skinologica Men’s Corporate Service.
  • Get the inside track on your competition and stand out for all the right reasons.


We offer individual, tailor-made styling advice ensuring each of our clients present the perfect tone for all corporate occasions. You’ll look stylish, fashionable and professional with understated ease.
Leave your competition behind by knowing how to:

  • Create a stylish, professional wardrobe of outfits you can choose from everyday.
  • Know exactly the right style and image for every corporate meeting or function.
  • Think of new ideas for dressing for the office in the future.
  • Learn the importance of accessories to compliment your look.
  • Have a new found confidence in the office and see how your clients and colleagues notice the difference.


Contact Us today to give your company the advantage you never imagined could be achieved with such an ease.