What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is when people who live in one country travel to another country to receive surgical, medical or dental care. Many combine their treatment with a holiday to their destination, hence the term “Medical Tourism”.


Why Are Patients Traveling Internationally for Medical Tourism?

Because of affordability, the high quality of healthcare, easy access or better availability.


Is Medical Tourism Safe?

In order to reduce this risk, Skinologica works hard to research & provide clients with information on various options for high quality medical facilities.


What Procedures Are Available?

Medical, cosmetic, dental, diagnostics, infertility treatment, and many other medically-related and surgical procedures.


Can I Know the Doctors Credentials?

We will provide you with the doctor’s professional credentials.


Why Should I Choose Skinologica?

The Skinologica Company is a leading player in helping individuals who are seeking medical, dental or aesthetic treatment abroad. Our goal is to provide the best quality treatment and care to our customers. You can be assured of receiving quality service from our team of experienced professionals. We will work with you to ensure all your preferences and needs are met.


I Have a “special requirement”

We will accommodate all special requirements where feasible.