lose the wight – makeover your body


Jump-start your fitness plans and get tummy tune-up at Skinologica selected resorts, designed for back-to-basics adventures seekers who want to tone up by way of a week’s worth of downward dogs and power walks on the send. You can renew yourself and focus on getting fit, both spiritually and physically.

Meditative mornings begin with fresh fruit juices, followed by a tree-mile walk. A healthy breakfast of eggs, granola, yogurt and fresh fruit comes next. Weight training, body sculpturing and daily yoga classes, along with special activity (a bike excursion or dance class), round out the day’s activity. Two massages and a Skinologica’s clay skin treatments are also included in the package. The treatments helps to remove toxins from the body, entails slathering your body with a mix of clay, honey and olive oil.

The all-inclusive package covers all meals and accommodations. You’ll find delicious, low fat, high-protein dishes that incorporate local fish, lots of steam vegetables and fresh fruit – ideal fare for shedding excess pounds.



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