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Skinologica is proud to offer its clients an opportunity to undergo surgical, aesthetic, cosmetic and dentistry procedures in top of the class destinations in the world – United States. Medical excellence based on scientific innovation and clinical superiority implements the best possible approach to caring for each patient. The United States is at the forefront in medical technologies and has some of the best facilities available in the entire world.

You should not have to compromise on quality to find beauty and health care, and thankfully all you have to do is travel to the right facilities in the right cities to get great care and the best quality.

The United States medical systems perform millions of medical procedures every year for both its local population and international medical tourists who travel across the sea so that they can receive the very best treatment the world has to offer. Excellent recovery accommodation and tourist attractions make a trip to United States a pleasant experience; especially if you need time to recuperate after a medical procedure.

Skinologica USA partners provide highest standard of patient care and most advanced innovative techniques in state of the art medical facilities. We exist to take you above and beyond the typical medical experience!

Skinologica delivers the best medical services and experiences in Los Angeles every single day. We are a one-stop shop for your Los Angeles beauty and health makeover, pampering up and experience needs. Our services are perfect for medical travelers and excellence seekers. We have a great reputation for the quality of our services.





Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Basin is noted for its moderate weather. It is characterized by a Mediterranean climate or seasonal changes in rainfall; dry summer and rainy winter, but relatively modest transitions in temperature.
Summers are warm to hot and dry with an average August high/low at LAX of 76.6 F (24.8 C) and 64.2 F (17.9 C). However temperatures sometimes exceed 90 F (32 C) during the summer. Winters are mild and somewhat rainy with high temperatures at LAX of 65.5 F (18.6 C) and lows of 47.8 F (8.8 C). Spring and autumn bring mild days with cool evenings and are generally dry.
The Los Angeles area is also subject to the phenomena typical of a microclimate. As such, the daytime temperatures can vary as much as 36 F (2.2 C) between inland areas and the coast.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach has a tropical monsoon climate with hot and humid summers and short, warm winters, with a marked drier season in the winter. Its sea-level elevation, coastal location, position just above the Tropic of Cancer, and proximity to the Gulf Stream shapes its climate. With January averaging 67.2 F (19.6 C), winter features mild to warm temperatures; cool air usually settles after the passage of a cold front, which produces much of the little amount of rainfall. Lows sometimes fall below 50 F (10 C), but very rarely below 35 F (2 C). Highs generally range between 70-77 F (21-25 C).
The wet season begins sometime in May, ending in mid-October. During this period, temperatures are in the mid 80s to low 90s (29-35 C), accompanied by high humidity, though the heat is often relieved by afternoon thunderstorms or a sea breeze that develops off the Atlantic Ocean, which then allow lower temperatures. Much of the year’s 55.9 inches (1,420 mm) of rainfall occurs during this period.
In addition to its sea-level elevation, coastal location and position just above the Tropic of Cancer, the area owes its warm, humid climate to the Gulf Stream, which moderates climate year-round. A typical summer day does not have temperatures below 75 F (24 C). Temperatures in the high 80s to low 90s (30-35 C) accompanied by high humidity are often relieved by afternoon thunderstorms or a sea breeze that develops off the Atlantic Ocean, which then allow lower temperatures, although conditions still remain very muggy.
During winter, humidity is significantly lower, allowing for cooler weather to develop. Average minimum temperatures during that time are around 60 F (15 C), rarely dipping below 35 F (2 C), and the equivalent maxima usually range between 70 and 77 F (19-24 C).


VISA Requirements

Skinologica personnel will do it’s best to assist you in process of applying for US Visitor Visa.
All information about US Visas you can find at official government site:

Transportation and Accommodation

We can help you choose the best from the wide variety of airlines flying to USA.
For your stay in Los Angeles or Miami Beach – Skinologica personnel will assist you by finding accommodation that suits your needs.
Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll contact you in order to assist you in planning your transportation and accommodation.


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Calling Home

United States Country Code is: 1
Telephone Area Code for Los Angeles: 310, 213, 323
Telephone Area Code for Newport Beach: 949
Telephone Area Code for Miami Beach: 305, 786

Sightseeing, Shopping and Nightlife


Los Angeles

Los Angeles, as capital of the world’s movie and entertainment industry has so much to offer when it comes to sightseeing, shopping and nightlife. You can never have a dull moment when in L.A.
Los Angeles County has a population of over 10 million, the largest of any county in the nation. The metropolis of Los Angeles sprawls across over 4,000 square miles between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the snowcapped mountains. Having one of the best climates in the world, Los Angeles draws visitors year round from all over the world.
The first-time visitors may be overwhelmed with all Los Angeles has to offer. From fine-art museums, beautiful beaches, exceptional restaurants, exciting theme parks, non-stop shopping, spectacular sightseeing and vibrant nightlife, Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world!
The easiest way to see L.A.’s best attractions is to choose the one you might be interested in from the wide range of professionally guided tours; from well known Grand Tour to brand new helicopter tours. Take the opportunity to visit beaches, see movie stars homes, downtown and all of the attractions and explore this unique megalopolis.
Shopping in L.A. is an extraordinary experience. With its variety of stores to suit every taste and budget, L.A. is a word class premium shopping destination. Same applies to L.A.’s rich and diverse nightlife where everyone can find and indulge entertainment they look for.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach is often referred to as the epicenter of ‘cool’ and is located on the south-easterly tip of Florida; between Atlantic Ocean to the east and Everglades’s wetland area to the west.
Famous for many things, Miami is best known for its extremely sunny weather, golden beaches, Art Deco character and lively nightlife. It is known as the ‘Gateway to the Americas’, the 15 miles / 24 km of glorious beaches make Miami a little different to other large cities and it is understandably popular with all ages, attracting a broad spectrum of tourists.
Miami is full of interesting and appealing tourist attractions, and the most notable include the Miracle Mile – one of the city’s major shopping regions, situated in the Coral Gables district, the Freedom Tower – an important landmark tower built in 1924, the Metro Zoo – one of the best wild animal parks in America and the Seaquarium – complex of huge saltwater pools, with a number of majestic orcas and dolphins, sea lions, porpoises and manatees.

There are also a number of large public parks, preserving thousands of forested acres and grass beaches.
Countless tourist attractions are situated nearby, such as the Everglades National Park, which is amongst the largest natural parks in Florida.
This city has a range of communities and districts, including Downtown Miami, a vibrant and diverse area, filled with clothes and jewelry shops, restaurants, cafes and fast-food stands.
Warm days and nights throughout the year are what make South Miami Beach the closest thing to a 24-hour city in America. The city is home to an enormous cruise port and the Port of Miami is considered the cruise capital of the world. Over the years, the city’s reputation has changed from being the celebrity hangout in the fifties to the vice capital of America in the eighties. More recently, the last few years has seen Miami undergo a major personality change, known as the ‘second wave’. Miami is booming and has never been more popular, riding high and becoming one of the ‘in places’ in America, attracting all kinds of people.