Health is FREEDOM. Illness and disease rob you of your freedom. Being healthy gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want, and the ENERGY to do all of the things that you want to do, and the VITALITY to enjoy your life, to your fullest potential.


If you are ready to have health and a life like this…WELCOME! A master cleanse Skinologica detoxification program once or twice a year will provide the tools for building a healthy, rewarding and productive life.


It’s important that our body adequately detoxificates metabolic waste and environmental toxins. Detoxification demands a lot from our body and the more we can support it, the easier it will be.


We are delicately balanced biological machines; one chink in the chain can cause a whole whack of other problems. Any damage caused by a poorly functioning excretory system to our other systems will also further affect the proper functioning of our waste disposal system, causing an even bigger build up of toxins. The result: a self-perpetuating cycle of ill-heath.


Most of us are functioning below optimal health levels because of toxic overload. Toxins and waste are killing us slowly, decreasing our immediate quality of life and aging us at a faster rate. When properly supported, our body can eliminate toxins, rest, restore and move toward improved health with high energy levels, mental clarity and emotional stability.


Every day we are bombarded by toxins from many sources. Modern lifestyles expose us to many impurities; wastes are a natural by-product of even the healthiest diet. Toxins may take forms of food and drink (processes food, caffeinated drinks, sugary snacks), radiation (TV, computers, mobile phones), air pollution (smog, cigarette) and stress inhibiting our ability to rest, absorb nutrients and repair itself.


The elimination of these is one of our body’s most important tasks and a vital element in reaching and maintaining the best possible health.


Our body is wise and it does its best to remove body toxins away from our vital organs, but as levels increase, our health suffers. These body toxins compromise our immune system and interfere with digestion and energy production, and contribute to many degenerative diseases and even cancers.
Our body removes toxins via six channels.


Our liver is our detoxification “control center”, processing and directing wastes to different channels for elimination:

  • Lymphatic system: Transports and removes wastes from our cells.
  • Lungs: Purify and filter the air we breathe.
  • Sinuses: Primary channel for mucous removal.
  • Colon: Excretes solid wastes as feces.
  • Kidneys: Excrete and filter acidic wastes in our urine.
  • Skin: Provides backup removal of acids and other wastes if preferred channels become overloaded and controls our body temperature.


Sometimes during detoxification our cells release large amounts of acid wastes, by-products of a diet high in dairy products, meats or refined foods. Our stomach acts as an acid dump as the only organ in our body adapted to manage strong acids. Too much acidity can cause the nausea we experience after a heavy meal or during a hangover.