Why Choose Skinologica

Skinologica Group is the first business platform to offer both cosmetic services and medical procedures to customers under one delivery system in facilities being rolled out the United States. Skinologica brings cosmetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, salon and spa services under a single brand giving clients unprecedented access to top service providers and unique treatments in a state-of-the-art environment.

Skinologica Group looks at a client as a whole person, with a deep understanding and integrated capabilities to offer comprehensive aesthetic improvements. Skinologica will offer comprehensive makeovers and beauty-enhancement treatments that combine medical, beauty and spa treatments for men and women, in a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, Skinologica is the first to offer unique diagnostic tools that truly “scientifically measure” outcomes for aesthetic improvement including facial feature symmetry, skin quality (wrinkles, pores, UV damage, elasticity, etc.) and hair quality.

Skinologica responds to thoroughly researched unmet client needs in the rapidly converging beauty and medical arena. We listened to thousands of women and men from all walks of life who told us they wanted what the movie stars and models had: a way to reach their aesthetic potential, and a way to have their own extreme makeover. They told us that they were confused and overwhelmed with a la carte providers, often conflicting information and issues with both trust and time. Finally, we were convinced that an integrated, safe and branded delivery system for aesthetic services and products was missing in the marketplace. We were also deeply moved by the profound emotional transformation that seems to accompany meaningful aesthetic improvement in people.

Skinologica providers – physicians, dentists, hair stylists and colorists, estheticians – are carefully selected by a rigorous process. In addition, beauty advisers will provide consultations in skin, surgery, dentistry, make up, hair and image consulting.

The aesthetics advisor will provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of their face, body, and hair characteristics and opportunities for enhancement. This integrated consultation ensures that all aspects of the beauty team are working in conjunction with one another to achieve the client’s desired results. The advisor consultation and coordination between all providers positions Skinologica to be the first true architect of beauty.

Skinologica Group will deliver its proven, safe treatments to help clients reach their individual aesthetic goals. Our concept, strategy and mandate is to respond to unmet client needs to reach their own highest potential.