Male Breast Reduction


What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the development of abnormal breast tissue on men, small or large, and normally on both sides. The term comes from the Greek “gyne” meaning “woman” and “mastos” meaning “breast”.

Some men and even adolescent boys may struggle with excess breast tissue on their chests, which may be embarrassing and difficult to hide. Gynecomastia is quite common among males in their early teens, but many of these cases resolve with time. When enlarged male breasts extend into the years of manhood, it can be quite troubling. While certain drugs and medical conditions can contribute to the breast overdevelopment, most cases do not have a known cause.

Male Breast reduction surgery can address this problem for men who feel self-conscious about their appearance. The procedure removes fat and/or glandular tissue from the breasts, and if necessary, excess skin. The result is a flatter, firmer chest consistent with masculine body contour.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Candidates for male breast reduction are men who are looking to improve breasts that are more feminine than masculine in appearance. The best results are often achieved on those with firm, elastic skin.

An initial consultation with surgeon will help to determine if male breast reduction is right for you.


How Should You Prepare for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The initial consultation with your surgeon will require your complete medical history, so you will want to be prepared to provide the necessary information. Your surgeon will examine your breasts and discuss lifestyle issues which may be causing your condition. You must be completely open and honest with your surgeon. If there is any medical problem, you will be referred to a specialist.

A mammogram or breast x-ray may be recommended to determine how much fat and glandular tissue is contained in the breasts. With all of this information, your surgeon can plan the best procedure for your needs and tell you how to adequately prepare for the procedure by giving you guidelines on what you can eat/drink, as well as what medications and vitamins to take.


How Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Gynecomastia surgery is usually an out-patient procedure. The operation is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. The procedure typically takes an hour and a half to complete, although individual factors may increase the length of the surgery. The technique used to treat Gynecomastia is dependent on the nature of the problem. In a typical procedure, an incision is made in an inconspicuous location – either on the edge of the dark skin around the nipple, or in the underarm area. Through the incision, the surgeon cuts away the excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from around the areola and from the sides and bottom of the breast. If your surgeon has determined that liposuction will be used in conjunction with excision to remove excess fat, the cannula can be inserted through the incisions.

What Is Recovery Like After Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is normal to feel some discomfort for a few days after your procedure. This can be controlled with medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Bruising and swelling may make it appear that there’s been no improvement in your condition initially. You will most likely be told to wear an elastic pressure garment around the clock for a week or two, and for several weeks longer at night. The extreme swelling will resolve in the first few weeks but it may be three months or longer before your true result is visible.

While you are waiting for this, it is important to begin to resume normal activity. You should walk around on the day of surgery, and return to work within a day or two, as soon as you feel well enough. If you have stitches, they will be removed one to two weeks after the surgery.

You should avoid heavy exercise for about three weeks.

While rates of healing vary widely and can sometimes be a source of worry, the final result is what matters most.


Will the Results of Male Breast Reduction Surgery Be Permanent?

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results of male breast reduction surgery will be permanent.


What Are Possible Complications From Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

When the procedure is performed by a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon complications are rare and usually minor. However, as with any surgery, there are potential complications and risks. Your physician will spend time discussing these with you during your scheduled consultation. Be sure to bring a list of questions or concerns with you. All patients are instructed to discuss the general surgical risks with their surgeon.