Skinologica Men’s Restyle

Get the edge with The Restyle, our signature and most popular personal shopping service.


It offers the most comprehensive fashion styling and makeover service available. It will transform the way people see you for years to come.

Skinologica Men’s Restyle covers all of your fashion needs. All you have to do is decide how far you want to go to change your style and image.

In the safe hands of Skinologica Stylists you’ll get a professional level of service you’ll struggle to match anywhere else.


Skinologica Men’s Restyle will help you feel:

  • Confident in the way you look and feel great whatever the occasion.
  • Assured you are now wearing clothes that compliment your character and physique.
  • Pleased with the new found knowledge, when shopping for new clothes and accessories and matching the one you already have.
  • Satisfied as you save both money and time by buying only the correct clothing.


Skinologica Men’s Restyle offers the following:

  • Full consultation so Skinologica Stylists can get to know you and your clothing needs.
  • Preparing carefully for your appointment, we take attention to all details, by studying your fashion requirements, and carrying out a pre-shop to put clothing and accessories aside that we think you’ll like.
  • Active, but relaxing shopping experience with us where we’ll give you tips, advice and information on the items we’ve chosen for you.


Interested to know more? Contact Us, there is nothing to lose other than that sad feeling of being unable to dress stylish and feel comfortable in your skin.