Scar Therapy

Scars detract from your appearance whether they’re due to an illness like chicken pox or a skin condition like acne or cosmetic surgery. Skinologica scar therapy helps our patients prevent or treat scars gradually reducing the appearance of existing scars with either laser treatments or less aggressively with silicone sheeting more.

Laser Scar Therapy

Larger scars often require a series of treatments to fully resolve.

During these quick treatments, most patients experience no discomfort or experience only a brief, slight pinching sensation. For an added degree of comfort – topical anesthesia is available for patients who would like.

Following treatment, you can return to your normal daily activities without any downtime.

Topical Scar Therapy

The proven method for minimizing scars, either newly forming scars or existing scars, is some kind of silicone sheeting. The silicone comes in various forms, such as creams, tapes and liquid.

Skinologica advisor will perform a physical examination to determine the extent of your problem. You will then be introduced to the various treatment techniques available, during which time your doctor will recommend the custom made strategies that will benefit you the most.