Skinologica Plus Size Service

There was the time when plus size women endured quite a terror and pressure of the community, made believe that only super thin women had the right to wear beautiful clothes and count as attractive and sexy.
Going shopping was sort of a nightmare, from experiencing glances of super thin salespersons to stressful process of searching for the clothes that fit in the backs of the stores, where plus size departments were usually hidden.

Those times are over. Nowdays, every woman can find clothes that suit her figure and size. It only takes a bit of time and skill to choose the right clothes and any plus size lady can look trendy, feel self-confident and attractive.

Designers and brands have recognized and accepted this simple fact, women are not build and shaped as skinny little boys, therefore they need to make clothes for real people, not photoshopped creatures from high fashion magazines.

Skinologica is proud to present our Skinologica Plus Size Service that celebrates womanhood in all shapes and sizes and takes shopping and dressing up experience to a whole new level.

With assistance of our Skinologica Stylist you can get rid of those unflattering, saggy clothes, forever, find your inner strength and embrace yourself, love yourself for who you are and who you’ll be.

Contact Us, today, and head for the life changing adventure.