Breast Augmentation With Fillers

What Is Breast Augmentation With Hyaluronic Fillers?

Breast fillers is an innovative technique used for the enlargement and enhancement of breasts to fulfill the desires of many women who want to make small breasts look bigger, or to reshape and enhance their breasts naturally without breast implants. It is solution with no surgery, virtually no scars, no silicone implants and no significant downtime, an instant breast shaping treatment using hyaluronic acid (Stabilized Non-Animal Hyaluronic Acid) injectable fillers. This simple breast shaping injection has the ability to increase a cup size on a semi-permanent basis, without the need for major surgery. It also allows the skin to grow and stretch naturally which creates a smoother, more natural appearance.

Thousands of women head to the doctor’s office for breast implants each year, and breast augmentation continues to be a top choice for many to improve their body image and achieve an ‘ideal’ figure. Though surgery has been the only option for breast implants in recent years, the latest option for breast augmentation is a fillers injection.


Who Are Good Candidates for This Procedure?

Would you like to have a fuller figure, but still can’t get over the fear of surgery? Or are you just not ready to take the plunge for a full surgery? If so, then our non-invasive breast filler injection may be for you for instantly fuller breasts.

For younger women who are looking to have a fuller figure, and for more mature women who complain of loose skin, sagging breasts, deflated cup size after motherhood or ageing. Breast fillers are especially attractive to busy or working class women who can’t take much time off work to go for surgery. In this situation, most patients can easily return to their normal daily lives within the same day or the day after.


How Is a This Procedure Performed?

Skinologica injectable fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, and the formula is designed to be especially thick and dense. This may create fuller and more supple breasts than conventional surgery. A thick needle is inserted into the breasts and the formula is administered within minutes. Local anesthesia reduces the pain of the needle, and most patients feel a slight stinging sensation from the anesthetic. The process takes just under 30 minutes, and results are almost immediate. Most people will experience slight pain from the tightening of the skin and tenderness for a few days, but the pain diminishes as the body adjusts and accommodates to the new size.

  • Increases breast size and adjusts the shape naturally
  • It is a quick walk in-walk out procedure
  • Does not require general anesthetic
  • Is semi-permanent
  • Has minimal downtime
  • Leaves no scars

Most patients can easily return to their normal daily lives within the same day or the day after. That said, strenuous exercise, bouncing and running should still be avoided for a week or two after the breast augmentation procedure.


How Long Do Results Last?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers injections are temporary and can last anywhere from nine to eighteen months.


What Are the Side Effects of This Procedure?

There is minimal scarring involved, local anesthesia is safe and the side effects minimal.