Makeover Guide

To contemplate change to your face or body can be an intimidating task. It truly needs to be a well thought through and structured approach; it should give you the strength of knowledge to put together the elements that are most likely to bring you a good outcome.

Only the very best in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, can visualize the hidden perfection in imperfection and formulate a treatment plan and a surgical strategy to achieve that elusive perfection.

Contact Us today. Let Skinologica team of experts REINVENT YOU.


We will take your picture or you can send it to us by email.


Skinologica team, consisting of different experts including our plastic surgeons, beauty advisors – will study your picture and apply different most advanced cosmetic non-surgical makeover and/or cosmetic surgery simulation that you can see an immediate “post-surgery” after photo of what you can look like.


At your consultation, Skinologica Advisor will discuss your goals and present you recommended “post-surgery you” helping you to achieve the best look and then, if you find new look suitable, help you to bring changes to the real life.
Your surgeon will recommend a course of treatment to help you meet your goals and explain the various surgical options available to you, the potential risks and the likely outcomes. Any questions that you may have can be brought up at this time. Presenting plastic surgery after photos in advance of the surgery can only help to clarify a patient’s true desires and serve as a desired model but does not guarantee exact outcome.


Your surgery or cosmetic treatment.