learn to RELAX – makeover your mind


Head to the mountain retreat where the mood is one of utter relaxation and tranquility. The places are geared toward nature lovers and if the gorgeous hillside doesn’t calm you down, the healing environment of the spa and natural hot spring definitely will…

We’ll take your preferences ahead of time so we mach them with appropriate treatments. Indoor and outdoor hot bath are a big part of the scene. And Skinologica’s Four Hand Massage and Nose to Toes are two signature treatments not to miss.

During Four Hand, two therapists massage your body in synchronicity, leaving you in a state of total bliss. Nose to Toes is designed to drop you into meditative state and is complete sensory experience for the head, neck, shoulders and feet.

First, a worm steam clothe is applied to the feet, followed by a cool peppermint scrub and foot massage. Next the shoulders, neck and scalp are massaged with worm oil. The treatment finishes with hypnotic point work on the face.

You’ll probably take a peaceful nap after this one.



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