Success Stories

Patients Stories

Michelle’s Liposuction and Breast Augmentation

My surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” says Michelle. “I am thrilled with my results, and that is all because of Skinologica and its amazing team! My breasts look wonderful, and now I can finally wear cute backless shirts…without a bra. I was naturally a 36C and I went up to busty 36D.”
She feels that her body now looks “exactly” how she wanted. “I now get compliments by my friends and family all the time telling me how great I look. I cannot wait for summer to come around so I can show off my new curves in my bikini!” adds Michelle.

Michelle decided on both liposuction and breast augmentation to create her ideal look, and the doctors and staff at Skinologica made sure that her experience was excellent as well.


A Nose that Looks more Like Me

Growing up, Mary accepted the bump on her nose for the most part. After all, her big brother had one just like it. But Mary is petite, just 5’2″, and the overall size of her nose did bother her often. She remembers thinking at times that the hump near the bridge of her nose was so big. “My nose was too big for my face,” said Mary. And after surgery? “It’s like day and night. It’s 100% improvement thanks to Skinologica.

Today, Mary says everyone thinks her nose looks not just beautiful, but very natural too. “People say my new nose looks more natural on me than the nose I had before“.


Andrea’s Total Body Transformation

Andrea had been obese all of her life. While she’d managed to lose 130 pounds on four different occasions, her struggle to recover from her compulsive overeating continued until she found and committed to following a strict 10-step program.

While on the program, she lost 160 pounds and knewthat this time she would keep the weight off. With this certainty, Andrea had the courage to continue with her body transformation.

Most people go into plastic surgery because they want to get their youthful body back. I never had that body. I feel like I went in with the mindset to get a clean-up, but I got this very glamorous, beautiful body.” And she’s grateful to everyone at Skinologica for providing such a supportive and loving environment for her experience.

Today, Andrea is looking forward to her thighs lift and mini face-lift to complete her transformation.


An Outstanding Life by Design

Although she had been unhappy with her breasts for what seemed like forever, Donna was hesitant to explore breast augmentation. She let herself be influenced by what others might think for many years before getting serious about breast implant surgery. But after finally deciding to put her figure in the hands of Skinologica, Donna now says she’s living “an outstanding life by design.”

Donna explains that the change she has experienced is much more than just physical. She says she does feel more beautiful and more confident, but beyond that she’s ready to live the life she wants rather than do what others might think she should do. “I was ready to live an outstanding life by design,” as she puts it.

A New Beginning

A full DD from the time she was in junior high school, Margaret was tired of frequent neck and back pain, ill-fitting clothes and the limits to her physical activity. After learning about breast reduction surgery by Skinologica, Margaret began looking into going to Los Angeles for her breast reduction surgery.

The surgery itself was much less difficult than I thought it would be,” Margaret said. Now that several months have passed since her surgery, Margaret is delighted with the changes. “Now I can wear sweaters and blazers, you know, trendy clothes. I’m less focused on the way I look, and I feel more confident in business meetings with my customers.