Botox And Fillers Cocktail Party

A glass of champagne, a shot of Botox, Dermal Fillers and so on…

Botox Party is a chance to turn back the clock, reduce the visible signs of aging, a safe, effective treatment to smooth brow and forehead lines while having fun with your friends.

With a simple injection, no down time (patients may return to normal activities immediately), no healing time and no scars, what are often called “frown” lines can be eliminated.


Schedule a Botox Party in the elegant space of authorized Skinologica location at discount prices. BEST PRICE.

Be the first to know when Botox Party is in your town!

Facial fillers can also be performed at Botox parties.


Skinologica offers special price of the filler when performed at the party.

Skinologica’s Botox pricing is based on area and the areas consist of the forehead, the area between the brows, crows feet, and sometimes above the upper lip. Big discount!


Contact Us for details and discount information.